Bringing yield to millions of users

Glow is a programmable yield ecosystem built on Terra. We're building a world of yield focused dApps to make $UST the currency of the internet.

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Programmable everything

The Glow Protocol plugs into Anchor Protocol and builds on top of Glow's flexible SDK. Ship DeFi apps faster that are streamlined for mainstream adoption.

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Here's what's coming

We're building dApps that provide access to yield in a seamless, easy-to-understand way. Have a look at what we're working on!


Put your money to work while you save with a no-loss lottery. Saving is meant to be fun, especially when you can win a weekly jackpot.

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We're about to enable content creators worldwide, where entire communities can finally align incentives by leveraging yield. Social money is about to become way more loyal.

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Scheduled for Q2 2022


Power up your ideas and fund your next business without any added fuss. Glow Start is the easiest way to onboard new capital and make interest on all your investments.

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Scheduled for Q3 2022


GLOW enables you to steer the governance of Glow protocol, manage its ecosystem fund, and share the income generated by the protocol through its suite of dApps.

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Onboarding the next million users

Yield is a powerful vehicle of change and we intend to harness it. Glow’s suite of products evolve the way we think, work, live and thrive. In our world, finance is programmed, and yield is inevitable.